There’s nothing quite as exciting as purchasing your first car. The only thing that comes close is upgrading to that shiny new model you can’t wait to drive off the lot.

At Carland, we don’t provide in-house financing, however we have affiliations with all financial institutions (banks, credit unions, etc.)

The procedure is simple!

  1.   Choose your dream car

With over 400 cars in stock, we’re sure that you’ll find the one that suits your style, need & budget. Test drives can also be arranged, to make sure you’re comfortable, that you’ll enjoy driving the car and that it’s right for all your needs.

      2.     Documents

We will prepare a Pro-forma Invoice, a copy of the Import Entry (C87), and arrange for a valuation report to be done. These are all you need from our side to take to the financial institution of your choice. If you are unsure of which one to go to, we can assist in putting you on to various institutions, or simply have a representative meet you at our office. It is advised to also begin shopping for insurance. We can also assist you with this through an insurance broker.

       3.   Deposit

A minimum deposit* of 10% is required for us to hold the vehicle while your loan is being processed. We recommend this so the car is secured, and it eliminates the hassle of choosing another one and doing the process all over again.

       4.   Registration

Once the loan is approved, the financial institution will send us a letter of undertaking for your new car (for the amount you are approved for). By this point you should have finalized insurance, and received a cover note. It generally takes us 24-48 hours to deliver the car. In this period, the car will be duty paid, prepared for delivery, and the registration and plates will be arranged for you from the tax office. The costs vary depending on how long you would like to register the car for. All we need for you is to sign a few vehicle registration forms, provide us with the original ID (usually a driver(s) license), TRN number, and the insurance cover note (minimum 3rd party)

       5.   Delivery

Congratulations, here’s your shiny new car! Fully serviced, detailed, and ready to drive!

Happy Motoring my friend.

*All deposits are fully refundable for up to fourteen (14) business days, after which there will be a 5% deduction (of the vehicle selling price) from the refund. We understand that loans can take longer, so we ask all clients to notify us of any delays during this period.

We have the right to sell the vehicle after 14 business days. Refunds are processed within 7 working days.

If a vehicle is fully paid for and already registered in a client’s name, and for some reason the client decides against taking the vehicle, a refund will be given after the vehicle is resold (at a fair & agreed price) and title transferred to a new owner.

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